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The history of those well-known swimwear brands

06 Sep 2021 2 Comments
The history of those well-known swimwear brands

When you are looking for a beautiful swimsuit for your vacation or beach life, you must know these swimsuit brands.

    We have selected fashion brands from all over the world,You can find the trend of fashion in these brands of swimsuits.

1.Victoria's Secret

    It is the largest chain of women's ready-to-wear retail stores in the United States, mainly engaged in underwear and swimsuit, and the annual show of this brand, Victoria's Secret Fashion Show, is also one of the most popular fashion shows in the world.

2.La Perla

    La Perla brand from Italy is one of the few fashion companies with a long history with female founders. La Perla was founded in Bologna by fashion designer ADA Masotti in 1954. 

    Ada Masotti made the foray into women's beachwear in 1965, launching the first collections of bikinis and swimsuits.



    Relleciga was founded in Paris, France in 1999. It is known as "underwear vs (Victoria's secret) and swimsuit RC (relleciga)" in the industry. It is also the common choice of global stars and supermodels facing the lens. Since its establishment, it has been providing high-grade private customized swimsuits for European royalty, stars and famous models. Every relleciga bikini designed by them presents a fashionable, sexy, low-key and luxurious style, which makes countless fashionable women dream of collecting it in the wardrobe.



    Seafolly, founded by Peter Halas and his wife Yvonne Halas in 1975, has always been the core of the Australian beach lifestyle and has rapidly become one of the most recognized fashion swimsuit brands in the world. She is synonymous with enthusiasm, enthusiasm, and shining independence and freedom. In the international market, Seafolly is currently sold in major fashion department stores and swimsuit stores around the world.


    Founded in Paris, France in 1968, eres is a senior women's swimsuit brand under the French luxury Chanel group. Famous for its iconic tailoring, breakthrough color selection and high-tech fabrics, it has a remarkable image in the swimsuit industry. The brand series products have a variety of styles with different shapes and coverage, which can perfectly set off women's body curve and highlight the brand's praise and respect for women's beautiful body.


    In 1953, Tai Missoni and Rosita Missoni put their iconic Crochet design clothes into production, and the family brand Missoni was officially established. Now their daughter Angela Missoni takes over the helm of the brand and continues to launch exquisite and unique Italian style clothes as always. Exquisite evening wear, bohemian style accessories, and essential swimsuit series are the character designs that the brand can't miss.


    If you don't reject online shopping, Belawave is a good choice. Affordable prices can bring sexy beauty and reliable quality. Their swimsuits are carefully tailored to fit their body perfectly. The bikini with shell edge and serrated edge made in Italy and the playful devil's eye pattern are deeply loved by European and American fashion talents and buyers.

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    OK, that's all for you today. You can pay attention to me to get more fashion information.


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