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What is the best material for Swimwear?

22 May 2022 1 comment

What is the difference between polyester and nylon?

A quality swimsuit can not be separated from the quality of the fabric. How to choose swimsuit material.
The first thing to be clear is that for swimwear, the primary guarantee for fabric selection is quick dry, high elasticity, and Comfortable to wear.
At present, the mainstream swimwear fabrics are polyester and nylon. They all belong to chemical fiber fabrics.Belawave-swimsuit-material

What is the main difference between polyester and nylon?

  • Polyester - It has good gloss and crease resistance, It feels a little stiffer than nylon when touched by hand, color fastness is not as good as nylon.
  • Nylon - More comfortable and soft to wear, better fit, higher color fastness.

Here we have to mention the two main printing technologies for swimwear at present, one is thermal transfer printing and the other is water transfer printing. The main process of the heat transfer process is to first print the pattern to be printed on special transfer paper, and then transfer the pattern on the printed paper to the fabric through a high temperature roll, which finally forms a rich pattern of flowers on the swimsuit.thermal transfer printing

While water transfer printing is to float the pattern in a uniform flow on the surface of the water, the fabric will cover the surface of the water and finally transfer the pattern to the fabric. The biggest difference between the two is that the temperature is different, and this is also in line with the polyester and nylon two fabrics with different heat resistance characteristics: polyester melting point is higher to better meet the requirements of heat transfer printing, while the melting point of nylon is lower, so the heat resistance is worse, the general choice of water transfer printing.

But the disadvantages of water transfer printing is also very obvious, because the pattern to be printed flat on the surface of the water, so the pattern of water transfer printing are relatively simple, repetitive and simple graphics.
In contrast we can get a conclusion that if it is a swimsuit with printed patterns, we can choose polyester. If you want to buy a solid color swimsuit, you should give priority to nylon fabric.

  • Neoprene – A rubberized synthetic fabric mainly used for diving suits and jellyfish suits.

belawave-swimsuit-NeopreneNeoprene’s main selling point is its insulating qualities. It has good insulation, Keeping the body from losing calories too quickly,so it is the first choice for most diving suits.

  • In fact, there are other fabrics suitable for swimwear, such as knitted fabric, crochet bathing suit and the LYCRA by Dupont.

belawave-swimsuit-LYCRALYCRA is a man-made elastic fiber with optimal elasticity. It can be freely stretched 4 to 7 times, and after releasing external forces, it quickly regains its original length with excellent stretch. It is suitable for blending with various fibers to enhance the drapability and wrinkle resistance of textures. LYCRA with chlorine resistant components will make swimming also not longer life than ordinary material swimwear. At present, LYCRA fabric swimsuits are mainly Used as a competition swimsuit.

So, this article introduces some of the popular swimwear fabrics.

If you just want to spend some leisure time on the beach or in the pool, then I think a polyester or nylon bikinior a one-piece swimsuit is a good choice.

1 comment

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